The call was put out: please help spread the word! These awesome podcasts invited Kyle to be part of an episode (or two) to talk about the documentary and/or Godzilla and/or other awesome stuff.

Long time friends of the Kaijucast, the crew from Geek In The City invited Kyle to be part of Issue #266 to discuss the kickstarter campaign amongst other awesome nerdery! Please check out this episode and if you dig the show, you should totally subscribe to their podcast.

Keith Foster, leader of Big Pimp Jones, writer of Kodoja and friend of the podcast asked Kyle to be part of The Vinyl Exam's Episode 04 to discuss monsters and Metallica. Give it a listen, won't you?

Andy Campbell runs Kaiju 101, an educational AND entertaining podcast all about the science behind giant monsters. Andy asked Kyle to be part of Episode 15 entitled "Legendary Godzilla, and Kyle Yount (also Legendary)". Andy, you see, knows that flattery will get him everywhere.

When Derek asked Kyle to be part of Monster Kid Radio to discuss the documentary and kickstarter campaign, Kyle jumped at the opportunity. Check out not only episode #117 for the kickstarter discussion, but also #118 for a discussion about everyone's favorite saber-toothed terrapin, Gamera! And if that wasn't enough, Derek caught up with Kyle at Rose City Comic Con to follow up on the trip to Japan in episode #137.

The Idle Chatter podcast is hosted by Andrew Morris and we talked about not just crowdfunding the documentary, but also about Godzilla movies and our history watching these films. Tune into Episode 68: Level A City With Kaijucast, for all the kaiju destruction!

The Flickering Myth, a british podcast about all things pop-culture and one of the hosts, Luke, asked Kyle to come discuss the kickstarter campaign in a special episode. This was actually recorded after the campaign had already hit its primary goal.

Long time friend of the podcast, Miguel Rodriguez hosts the Monster Island Resort podcast and hooked up with Kyle in episode #121 to discuss all things kaiju and the kickstarter campaign.

Thanks to a technical difficulty, Kyle was unable to connect with brothers Kent & Jason before his trip to Japan, but once he returned those difficulties were a thing of the past. Listen to Kyle talk about the trip and what he experienced in Japan in Planet X Control Room, Episode 64.

Check out the videos and reports.

SciFi Japan TV Episode #25

E.T.N. (Entertainment Talk Nation) KickStarter Documentary: Hail to the King - 60 years of Destruction

Godzilla Podcast: New Godzilla Documentary "Hail To The King: 60 Years of Destruction" coming soon!



Hail To The King: 60 Years Of Destruction is a not for profit independent documentary. All characters and imagery are property of TOHO Co., Ltd